Team's products have many uses. Education is a shining example of how Décor, Dry-Erase, Stickers, and CYO (Color Your Own) Products can help both teachers and institutions educate children in a fun interactive way.

Color Your Own Frames are a fun activity for any child. Put up a family picture, or a child's masterpiece. Compliment it with another piece of children's art as a frame. Not only is it great for home use, but teachers can use this product for arts and crafts. A Great way to display children's work.

These shapes can be anything. A Beaker, Goal Thermometer, or even a Map. Great for science fair projects, fundraisers, and much more. The Sky is the limit.

Color Your Own Name Tags are a great way for teachers to get to know their students on the first day of school. It offers children a fun way to get to know each others names. But this isn't just for teachers. This is a fun activity for any situation where children are introduced to each other for the first time.

The reference Name Plate is a great tool for any early educator. It has shapes, Letters, Numbers, and even a place to write a child's name.

A great idea for school teachers, or any parent that wants to frame a photo, along with artwork, notes, or anything else that they would like to stick-to a picture frame.

Foil letters are a great education tool. They can be used as a decorative tool, as well as a teaching aid. Spell out words and phrases, or just use it as an alphabet reference. Comes in various colors, sizes, treatments and amounts.

This is a great idea for anyone looking to spruce up a room with color and sun. It is a great family activity as well a decorative piece. Designs are limitless. Great for teachers and educators as a way to decorate your classroom.

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